(APRIL 2002)

At present, I am studying for GCSE’s in Maths, English, Science, RE, IT, Art, History, Welsh and French. I feel that during my time at Cardinal Newman, I have matured as a person and become more confident in myself and school work. The subjects I most enjoy are Art, History, RE and Maths.

Last year, for work experience, I attended the ‘Historical and Cultural Centre’ in Pontypridd for a week. Though I enjoyed the experience, it made me realize that this type of work wasn’t for me. I had the opportunity to work with a small group of friendly people who seemed very close which made the atmosphere very comfortable for me.

I helped out with filing, set up displays and had the opportunity to supervise a small group of primary school children, paid money into the bank, supervised the front desk when the receptionist was out for lunch etc., organized information booklets and helped customers in the tourist information area.

In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my friends and family. I often go to the cinema or town with my friends at least once a week. I also enjoy listening to music, movies, reading, talking to friends, Internet and corresponding with people from other countries.

Next year I plan to attend sixth form where I intend to study an AVCE in Health and Social Care and an As in Art, History and Psychology. I am very interested in people’s lives and wish to get a career related to helping people in the future.